Friday, April 26, 2013

The Yummy Mummy: Look Good, Feel Better

Loving your pregnancy but need some inspiration for your wardrobe?  Step away from the comfy sweats and read on!  Who says that being pregnant means looking less than best? Maternitywear has really come a long way so take advantage!  Anytime, anywhere, from week 1 to the big event, MyChildWorld has found some incredible online shops with items to make you look and feel like a true "Yummy Mummy".

Debenhams: Fun, Affordable and Stylish Maternitywear

A leading UK department store that delivers to 66 countries worldwide, the Debenhams maternity line offers fun clothes to wear to work or out with your girlfriends.  We think that maternitywear does NOT equal "frumpwear" -- that it's stylish versatility and comfort: taking key pieces in your wardrobe and mixing and matching them at whichever stage of your pregnancy.  

Here are some of our favorite picks, all from the Red Herring label:

You can visit Debenhams' UK website at http://www.debenhams.com/ or their international site at http://int.debenhams.com/us/shop/.  

Check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest or connect with MyChildWorld on Pinterest under MCW - Maternity Wear!

Babes with Babies London -- luxury pieces that help you feel fabulous

The founder of Babes with Babies really said it right: "Becoming a mother is an incredible experience. It is amazing, awe-inspiring. But the undeniable truth is that it’s not terribly glamorous. "  We at MyChildWorld know this, as we are all mothers ourselves!  Stress, mood-swings and an ever-changing body can sometimes shadow all the wonderful aspects of pregnancy and new motherhood.  We sometimes need the "extras" to help us get back on track.  

With this in mind, Babes with Babies offers a luxurious line of maternity and nursingwear, product lines to pamper you with and chic accessories to add some extra sparkle to your day.

Let's start with the pampering, because really, sometimes all a girl needs is a little 'me' time to turn her day around.  

We especially like the UK luxury brand Bloom and Blossom's Revitalizing Leg and Foot Spray, which helps alleviate water retention and refreshes tired and heavy legs and feet (essential if you're in your third trimester!).

Have an important event coming up (well, besides the big day, of course)?  Babes with Babies also have some very elegant go-to pieces: 

The Stella dress: super versatile, it can be worn while pregnant as a tunic with tights, leggings or skinny jeans or even post-pregnancy--it has breastfeeding access to nurse discreetly and camouflages any postpartum tummy you may still have.  

The Amandine: we love this gorgeous dress!  Imagine what a statement you'd make with this one. So light and colorful and functional as well: you can wear it before, during or after your pregnancy. The sash will either accentuate your waist or your bump.  We call that a win-win.  

Babes with Babies ships anywhere you need them to!  You can also connect to them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

Look under MyChildWorld's Pinterest boards at MCW - Maternity Wear and MCW - Beauty and Care.

Crocs: Comfortable Light Shoes

We know what you're thinking: "What are Crocs doing here??!!".  Well, they're known for their light, comfortable and functional shoes (and not just clogs!) and although they may not be the most glamorous footwear, you can't deny that at some point in your pregnancy, even the sight of heels will send you running (ever so carefully) in the opposite direction. That's where Crocs come in:

Love these sneakers!  Laced canvas upper with Crocslite cushioning.

Check out Crocs online (just change your location to your country) as well as their FacebookPinterest and Twitter pages.  Look up Crocs on MyChildWorld's Pinterest board under MCW - Completing the Look.

Now on to accessories: jewelry, bags and scarves, oh my!

Add some pop to your look with accessories from Accessorize:

Another great online shop that ships internationally, go to the Accessorize website for more picks. They're also found on FacebookTwitter and of course Pinterest!  You'll also find some of our favorites on the MyChildWorld Pinterest board MCW - Completing the Look.

So there you have it--some of our picks to help you feel great and glam during your pregnancy!  Let us know what your favorite picks are on our Facebook or Twitter accounts!  


Didn't we tell you, ladies? Oh how far we've come...!

Happy Shopping!

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