Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Momformation: Let's Stay Informed

This week we have been busy online checking out articles for you that we can all find some use for!  Along with MyChildWorld, there is a sea of information out there as well as interesting blogs written by moms that we can all takes notes from.

First up: a website called Popsugar.  You can find everything from fashion, celebrity, fitness and beauty, but most importantly, a whole section for moms on parenting, pregnancy, kid shopping and family life.  

Here are some tips that we especially liked:

For moms...

Easy Cooking Shortcuts For Busy Moms: Save time and energy in the kitchen with these tips.

10 Ways to Get Your Pre-baby Body Back: Products to help return to normal!

10 Ways to Spend More Quality Time as a Family: Nothing fancy, just good old-fashioned fun.

...and for kids

Play with Your Food!  50 Fun Ways to Feed Your Kids: Anything to get them to eat their fruits and veggies!

Dream Bedrooms for Kids: We can all dream, right?

8 Ways to Preserve Your Child's Art: Some incredibly creative ways of holding on to your child's masterpieces!  The below photo is from www.childsown.com but click here for a list of North American and European independent craft artists that do the same work.

And never forget to laugh!

Top MommyBlogs has its list for the Top Mommy Humorblogs.  And you thought you were going nutty... 

Other Mom blog articles to check out:

The Mom Stays in the Picture: Do you find yourself avoiding the camera or always on the other end of it?  This mom shares how much of a mother's life goes undocumented and how by just getting in the picture, your presence is ever-lasting.

Inside the Brain of a Mother: Ever left for a work or holiday trip alone?  Does the thought bring up heavenly daydreams or downright anxiety??  This mom shares with you her emotional ordeal.  Very funny (and we're sure you can all relate yourself!).

4 Signs That Motherhood Is Upstaging Your Style and What You Can Do About It: Ok, who's guilty?  Whoa, those are a lot of hands.  We have all let ourselves go at some point those first few months--it's inevitable!  Just use some of this mom's tips to get back on track.

Using the net can be invaluable for finding what you need: products, information or fellow moms that share the same ideals and experiences.  So use it--it's right at your fingertips!

Until next time!

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