Thursday, February 7, 2013

DE VRIES - Vintage shoes for stylish children

Do you miss this kind of shoes? The ones we used to wear in our childhood? 

Old style, time- and play-resistant, perfect with every outfit and comfortable? I do miss them a lot and I discovered my child (and all the children at MyChildWorld)can have them thanks to De Vries.

We at MyChildWorld were browsing among the brands present at the Kleine Fabriek in Amsterdam when we stumbled upon this jewels. Have a look at some of their hits.

DE VRIES is a dutch brand which started out two years ago. They realized that there were hardly any children shoes without the extra zippers and buttons and that bright colors were "out of stock". 
So they decided to design affordable basic-shoes for boys and girls (NR.0-sandals till NR.9-boots - The printed numbers make these shoes a unique work of art!) that would match each outfit. How could they not succeed with shoes of such an excellent quality at a fair price? And they succeeded indeed!
This retro/vintage shoes are produced in Portugal (worldwide known for the high quality of its shoes'production), sold in each big city in the Netherlands and obviously online. We at MyChildWorld are proud to showcase them soon in our social shopping platform as we are very big fans of DE VRIES. 
You can have a look at other DE VRIES' shoes and boots in our Pinterest boards: MCW - Girls' shoes, MCW - Boys' shoes and MCW - Children's boots.
DE VRIES delivers worldwide and we, moms and dads, hope that they will soon produce adults' shoes as well. How great would be a matching moms/dads and children collection? Can't wait!

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