Monday, February 11, 2013

Biowolk - Colorful basics that take care of your child

Mychildworld is a place where moms (and dads obviously too!) meet and discover items they love for their children.
This week we have discovered this super cute brand from Holland called Biowolk, that makes colourful basics for our babies and children with organic materials. Biowolk believes that fashion and environmental responsibility can go together hand in hand. Have a look at the amazing results of this policy!

Super fun collections made from 100% organic cotton  in compliance with GOTS (Global organic textile standard) . It is not only the best for the delicate child's skin, but it's the best choice for the world we live in.

Biowolk is very sensitive to nature and even the name is connected to it. The word "wolk" means "cloud" in Dutch and "wolf" in Russian, both parts of the nature as at Biowolk  love being close to.   Everything they do, in fact,  is with respect and care for the environment. 
But Biowolk is more than that...it's comfort and attention to our kids' needs and characteristics! The clothing is pure and free from all kinds of harmful substances. For our children we are sure that they use only non-toxic low-impact dyes. 
They use very soft yet very durable cotton, which is tender for delicate skin, but will not lose its appearance after intensive play in the garden and many washing cycles.
The baby bodies, jumpsuits, shirts and dresses are made to fit the child's growing body without causing any restriction to movement. The result is fantastic....and never ending! 
You can have find Biowolk on our pinterest boards too: MCW - Home style for boys and girls and MCW - Baby underwear 

Did we mention that they deliver worldwide? No? Shame on us!

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