Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Yporque - playful clothes to have fun with!

We, from Mychildworld, are starting soon to visit the best trade shows worldwide for children, in order to find the best brands for moms and children. One of the biggest trade shows is Playtime Paris with more than 400 brands for children's clothing, accessories, toys and furniture. Checking on these brands we discovered Yporquè and we immediately decided: this is a must have!

How can children (and moms) not fall in love with these amazing t-shirts, comfortable and stylish to wear but especially perfect to play pretend with friends, anytime! Change yourself in a superhero with cape, in a bat with wings, in a man with mustaches or in a ninja. Or you can play guitar (for real: these are t-shirts with sound!) or listen to your bike roar!

Yporque is a spanish brand which delivers usually in Europe but is able as well to ship worldwide.
You can see some of their items on our MCW- Girls' fashion and MCW-Boys' fashion boards on Pinterest.
Tell us if you love them as much as we do!
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