Friday, March 8, 2013

......and from Spain arrives Margarite, simply divine

Our platform will be on line very soon and one of the first brands, which has shared our project and believed in us, is Margarite, a relatively brand-new  kidswear label, both designed and manufactured in Spain.
We love Margarite collections which offer, for girls and boys, basic and comfy outfits with a sophisticated touch.

There is not any particular trend that can describe Margarite, however, all of them are present it its designs: elegant, chic, classic, modern, baroque, unique, simple, crazy,... That is why this brand is so original and easy to fall in love with!
Not only clothing! A special emphasis is given to accessories: mainly flower-shaped necklaces and hairbands that help to create the final perfect look for the kid. They will love it, as we already do!! And you can receive their products worldwide.

Waiting for our platform to be ready, you can find Margarite in their online shop (http://margarite.es/en/),  on their Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Margarite/207313506000188) and twitter (http://twitter.com/MargariteModa) , where you can find advice of how to wear a margarite dress.

On Pinterest you can find this amazing brand on our boards: MCW-girl's fashion, MCW - boys' fashion and MCW - Accessoires for children

Are we good in choosing brands?!?

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