Monday, January 28, 2013

New furniture for your child's room - Baby & Child

Lately me and my girlfriends seem to have all the same plan: change the furniture in our children's rooms. Some of us has a girl, some other a boy, some two or more children. So yesterday we sat down around a tea table confronting our discoveries and I fell in love with this brand: Baby&Child - Restoration Hardware

They have everything moms and children are dreaming of! Nurseries, bedroom and playroom: ask for an item, a color, a material, a style - they have it! From toddlers to teenagers you can find furniture, bedding, decorations, accessories,  lighting, rugs and much more (like bath items).

But there is a flaw: they don't have shops in Europe and don't deliver to European countries! So dear people of Baby & Child, I am writing you on behalf of all future customers of MYCHILDWORLD: open a chain in Europe and make every European mom and child free to assault your shops and buy all these lovely items!

You can find more of their items in this MCW- Boys' room on Pinterest.

Have a look and let us know which item you would pick up for your child's room!
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