Friday, October 19, 2012

Sleeping bags for children: help!

My child doesn't get along very well with bed covers!

I mean, she sleeps on a side of the bed and the covers lay on the opposite one. I stand up in the night to cover her up because she sneezes. Obviously, during her night dance-sessions, her pajama moved up to her neck and her belly is naked and cold.

So, while not sleeping, worrying that she gets sick, I had a brilliant idea (I thought, at least): a sleeping bag.

And then I started looking on the internet and I realized it wasn't such a good idea. Do you know why? Because sleeping bags are for babies. Max age 2 years. I could have a second child just to buy this lovely sleeping bag from Smallable (pic 1) but actually my child is 5!

But I didn't give up and I searched in e-shops specialized with outdoor items. Disaster! Do you have a clue how ugly camping sleeping bags are? They are really not the kind of stuff a 5 years old girl falls in love with.

But then I discovered that they look so awful just in Italy because actually in the UK and in America there are tons of lovely camping bags for girls and boys (like in this website, or in picture 2 and picture 3). The only problem is, they don't deliver outside their own countries.

So, here I am, still looking for a nice sleeping bag for my girl in Italy or in Europe. Any suggestion?
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